English tour in Montmartre

Discover the movie's guided tour in Montmartre !

Lisette Pires, your guide :

 My love of Montmartre pushed me to create a project in this neighborhood that is full of history. I naturally chose to create a guided tour around cinema since I am an actress and fond of this art.

Montmartre has always inspired cinema and still is. This guided tour is a celebration of the Montmartre of the past but also of the present and the future ! I have a guide-interpreter diploma (French, English and Italian) and have worked in several places, mainly in France but in Boston too, at Paul Revere House.

I also have some experience as an actress (cinema, drama and musical).

I received the award « Coup de Coeur » from the Foundation KPMG in 2012 and I began my first guided tour about cinema in July 2012.

An original movie guided tour

Crazy about cinema ? An original guided tour by Lisette, an actress that brings back the old and the contemporary Montmartre through cinema.

Montmartre is well known to be an historical place and a bohemian village. But do you know that Montmartre has always been the setting for many movies ? Discover how and why Montmartre has always inspired many filmmakers all around the world through art (music, painting, writing) and of course history.

Follow the steps of Amelie Poulain where most of the filming was done and La vie en rose, a French biopic of Edith Piaf (starring Marion Cotillard). Learn about the history of Moulin Rouge and many films about it (Moulin Rouge by Baz Luhrmann, John Huston and French Cancan by Jean Renoir).

Montmartre has inspired many American filmmakers as well like Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris, Everyone says I love you), Vincente Minnelli (An American in Paris), Stanley Donen (Funny Face starring Audrey Hepburn). And other films like Paris Blues (starring Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier).

And The Young Lions (starring Marlon Brando who plays a German officer) and learn facts about the Roundup (the deportation of Jews living in Montmartre during Holocaust). 
And as a bonus : take your own part through improvisations and role plays ! Feel free to participate or not !


For the original guided tour about cinema in Montmartre (in english)
Only for Groups : 14 euros per person
Times and days available on request (tour to be confirmed according to the number of participants).
Insurance : each visitor makes the guided tour under their own responsability.
Booking by e-mail : action.montmartre@gmail.com
or phone : 00 336 50 67 01 55
Meet at Metro Abbesses line 12.
Payable in cash on the spot.

Meet at Metro Abbesses line 12.